Writing Prompt #19


     Your main character decides to become a vegetarian right before Thanksgiving. His/Her mother is not happy about it. But the turkey is! In fact, the turkey helps the character come up with food ideas that do not include meat!


30 Ideas and 49 Manuscripts!


     I completed my 30 ideas for PiBoIdMo this weekend! Wow, was that ever fun! And I’m continuing it indefinitely. It’s amazing what just one little push can do. I’m very happy with my results and I’ve included a summary with each title I jotted down.

     I will do this next year. I absolutely loved it! I hope others will be inspired to try it, too.

     Also, I now have 49 manuscripts out to paying markets! I’ve been careful to edit all my stories over and over before I send them out. After all, many publishers won’t get back to you for 3 – 6 months so it’s a good idea to make sure your manuscript is top notch! I never send fresh work out on the same day. Usually I wait for weeks, sometime longer–depending on the word length.

     Anyway, I wanted to share my excitement!

     Someday I hope to share an acceptance for publication with you.

     Don’t just dream your dream, make it your goal. Don’t just have a goal, make it come true. But to make it come true, you must never give up.

Write on!


PiBoIdMo —> Picture Book Idea Month



     I have recently discovered Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). And I love it! 30 Ideas in 30 Days. I already have ten story ideas written down, including the title and summary. What fun!

     I’m very excited to share this post with other picture book writers. NaNoWriMo can be a bit much if you are also writing on the side. And if you write picture book stories, PiBoIdMo is a great alternative to NaNoWriMo, challenging you to come up with ideas while still participating in something.

     This is my first year as an official participant and I’m already lovin’ it! I think you have till the 7th to join, so hurry! Sign up now!

Writing Prompt #17


     “This room looks like a tornado hit it!” exclaimed the girl’s mother. “You will not be going to the Halloween party tonight if I don’t see a major improvement beforehand.”

     The girl flinched when her mom slammed the door. Then she slipped the paper out from her pocket and read the Cleaning Spell. The witch had given it to her earlier that day, but not without a promise in return.

Rejection, Submission, and Impossible Organization


      I received two rejections this week from a children’s magazine editor. Of course I was disappointed but I’ve turned around and sent those same two pieces out to another magazine this morning.

     So I have 28 manuscripts out there in slush piles, waiting patiently to be seen. I sure hope my characters charm the editors into accepting a few of them!

     Okay, so today I’m going to do some organizing. My spiral notebooks are taking over! I’ve already weeded through my older writer’s market books and have decided to donate them to anyone in our writing group who might want them.

     I wonder sometimes just how organized other writers are? I would love everything to be put in its place, but I don’t have enough places to put them!

     I guess I’ll at least try.