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Completed ReFoReMo!



I just completed ReFoReMo (ReadingForResearchMonth), which is a free online PB (picture book) activity open each March for writers. This is my first one, and it totally rocked! If anyone is interested in signing up for monthly posts and challenges (children’s genre), there’s a blog you can subscribe to: and / or check out:

They are offering an extra prize opportunity to EVERYONE, whether you are registered for ReFoReMo or not! Check it out in the above link!


Writing Prompt #22


          A witch loses her broom the day before Halloween. Think of three places she might look and three reasons it’s not there. She finally finds it… (where?)  Write a story or poem about this witch and her missing broom.

Where do I begin…


Yikes, I’m a bad, bad blogger! I’ve been so busy this year but I’ve not stopped writing!

In fact, I placed in two national contests this year (2015):

The Institute of Children’s Literature Kindergarten Contest of 150 words or less

(2nd Place!)


The Institute of Children’s Literature Early Reader Mystery Contest of 700 words or less (4th Place!)

I recently began submitting in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Mysterious Photo Contest and my first entry surprised me with an Honorable Mention, which my name is listed in the November Issue! YAY!

I’m excited that things are finally beginning to happen for me! Writing is a continuous learning experience. I can tell I’ve grown over the years and I know I will continue to grow till the day I take my last breath. At least I hope so! (and may that be a long time from now!)

Now THAT Felt Great!



     I will definitely be doing this again next year. Anyone who completes the challenge, is a winner!

     In fact, I just might set goals similar to this year-round!

     The posts I received each day this month were so motivational! It was interesting to read how published authors think up ideas and then make up a story. It was also inspiring to know it takes them a while to perfect their first draft. And still, there is no guarantee a publisher won’t reject their manuscript.

     A writer must be persistent!  Never, ever, ever, never give up.

~Vicki “)