Late Bloomer Arrives!


     Since I left my library job about a year and a half ago, I’ve struggled a little with finding myself again. I’ve gone through several stages since then, and now see myself emerging from who I tried to be… into who I truly am. I feel like I’ve been in a cocoon a good part of my life and now it’s time to fly. I am a later bloomer. But better late than not at all, right?

     So here I am, writing story after story. They are pouring out of me like there is no tomorrow, and I mean that. I’ve become a true writer, devoting much of my time to children’s story writing. I go to bed thinking up ideas and I wake up with more.

     I’m very much into beginning reader books right now. I feel like I’ve found a place where I should be, at least for now. I enjoy it.  I think I have a knack for it. In my mind, I can hear children reading the words, as early readers do, and liking them. Words tumble inside my head constantly, finding their place at last in simple sentences, phonograms, alliteration, assonance, rhyme, rhythm, repetition, and finally… plot and closure. I strive to meet the Common Core State Standards, too, so as you can see, there’s a lot going on while writing for children. And I love, love, love it!

     I’m also attempting 1st grade mysteries. Simple is the key. Try writing a simple mystery at 1st grade level. It’s a little confining, but seriously, it can be done! I’m enjoying the challenge and hoping a publisher will like my work. I also have a few campfire stories written in 1st grade level with a different twist. I’m not sure how they’ll go over, but it’s worth a try.

     To date, I’ve 28 manuscripts sent to book and magazine publishers. I have several more stories in the edit stage and more in my head, wiggling to get out! I don’t just write a story, throw together a cover letter and send it out. I go over and over my work, including cover letters. Everyday I read what I have written, and more times than not, I end up changing something. Polish! Polish! Polish!

     It’s all worth it to me.


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