Books! Books! Books!


     My four year-old granddaughter is visiting for a few days. She is a riot of fun!We’ve read over 50 books so far, and I’m also trying out a few of my newly written K-level stories on her…

     And I’ve observed a few things:

          1) Kids definitely like pictures with their story. Especially the K-level vocabulary early reader kind. The list of kindergarten words in The Children’s Writer’s Word Book are for kids learning to read, not listen to. So there’s a limit to what these books say. Thank goodness for illustrators who fill in unspoken words!

          2) Less vs. more. My granddaughter’s favorite book so far is less than 25 words. I also might add the illustrations make a difference, too, especially at this age.

     Well, we are heading out to the library this morning. Story Hour begins at 10:30. We’re also going to take our books back that we checked out yesterday (yes, we went yesterday, too!)

     She’ll be going home tomorrow and I am going to miss her…

     …but she’s leaving me with a pile of rocks and a few sprigs of chicory to remember her by…



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