Should I Find an Agent? Can I?


     Oh, yes. I’m feelin’ in a funk. I’m feeling like, “Will I ever climb out from the crack I’ve slipped through?”–meaning there are very few publishers now who take unsolicited manuscripts and it’s even difficult to find an agent… and do I want an agent? I’m thinking yes, but then… how many agents want to represent an author who writes kindergarten-beginning reader books and picture books?

     It’s like… ever since I bought a nice camera, everyone wants to be a photographer. Why is that? I want to publish children’s books and I really think I’m not too bad at writing them. But everyone else seems to feel the same way, like children’s books are easy to write, so let’s all send in our manuscripts and take up room in the slush pile, and overwhelm the editors with handwritten, misspelled, bad-rhyming stories so now they require an agent. Or previously published authors.

     Well… I am previously published, but not in the book department. And by previously published— do they mean with “their” publisher?

     Oh, so sorry. I’m just feeling a bit discouraged this morning. I put a lot of time into my writing (gladly, I might add) and I’ve spent so much of my time searching for publishers who might accept my manuscripts without agents, and I’ve also been reading up on agents, who are almost as picky as publishers, so it seems.

     And though I’m discouraged and ranting a bit, I’m still not giving up. I can’t. It’s part of me. It’s my mission in life… I know it is.


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