Auto Contrast?


     This morning the sky is a crisp blue as the leaves on the trees struggle to stay green. The colors seem sharper than usual, like when I edit my photos in Picasa 3.   Auto Contrast makes everything appear rich and clearer.

     Which makes me think about words. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use the Auto Contrast option in our writing? Boring paragraphs would suddenly shift to sharp and clear sentences, words that are easy to visualize, easy to absorb, and hard to forget.

     But since we don’t have that option, we can learn to sharpen our vocabulary on our own. I’m not talking big words. I’m talking… Descriptive. Visual. Words that open one’s senses to touch, taste, sound, sight, and smells.

     If I read about a character eating a cheeseburger, I want to taste that cheeseburger. I want to put my book down and fry up that cheeseburger because the author’s words made me hungry!

     If I read about sunshine as it’s raining outside my window, I want to feel that sun on my face. I want to close my eyes and experience the sharp rays of heat on my skin.

     That’s what words should do. That’s what writers should strive for. Since we can’t Auto Contrast, we edit. And edit. And edit. Make your words shine.

     So guess what I’m going to do this week?


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