Character Alarm


     This morning as I lay in bed, snuggled warm under the covers, story characters threatened to disappear if I didn’t get right up and announce their presence to my computer. How dare them! I saved my rascally trouble-makers though and put them to work first thing.

     How I wish they would visit every morning, ringing their alarm of evaporation in my head. I am an early riser anyway, but I’d rather share the dark morning hours with book characters than an empty screen.

     Now I’m off to do a bit of housework, as my characters have worked me overtime this past week, and without pay! They do hint, however, that my hard work could very well pay off  in the near future. This, however, is only wishful thinking… a positive outlook… and determination.

     My fingers are crossed!

     Now for the cobwebs! (or perhaps I should leave them up for Halloween…)


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    • Thank you! =) The thing about writing is the first draft comes out so easily, so enthusiastically, and it feels powerful and gives you energy and enjoyment. The hard work comes when you reread it, edit, rewrite, put it down, go back to it, edit again, rewrite and you want to pull your hair out, lol, and then BAM! It’s ready! It’s polished. You smile and sigh, very satisfied with your accomplishment. It was all worth it.


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