Here I sit, pondering…

     There’s a new market that has recently opened up for the month of September. It’s “work for hire” so it won’t include any royalties, but it does include a by-line and $250 payment per 16 page story. The only requirement is to send a sample story attached to the body of the email. It’s not the story sample that will be decided upon for publication, but the skill in which the story has been written. The story may be previously published or unpublished, as long as it is your own work and is between 150 and 350 words. This particular story will not be published. It is only an example of your work.

     I’m excited about this but not sure what I’m going to send. I went through all my children’s stories and most of them are well over 350 words. So I went to the library yesterday and picked out a few picture books to bring home. Yes, I’m going to count the words in each one, mainly to give me an idea how quickly one can introduce a main character and give it a dilemma which is problem-solved in the end. Actually, this is a great exercise for me! So whether I am considered or not, I’ll benefit from it.

     Wish me luck!


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