Story Ideas are Everywhere


     Ten days camping in Michigan’s upper peninsula can do wonders for the soul. I love to camp. I like roughing it. And I get story ideas every time I go up north.

     I completed two drafts for children’s picture books and also began an adult story plus an elementary chapter book while camping. I rarely finish writing adult books but I enjoy the change now and then. Usually something happens at the campgrounds which triggers suspense and mystery. This is also when I get ideas for ghost stories for kids. And when I’m camping, usually the kid-characters in my stories end up in a campground–imagine that, lol.

     At times, it’s hard to write while camping. My hubby likes to kayak on any given day it is not too windy and there’s little chance of rain. I enjoy kayaking, too, but I’m a chicken when-and-if we paddle across a wide bay or if the water is choppy with white capped waves. But when the lake is like glass, there is nothing comparable to paddling along an island shore, searching for agates, eagles, and the remains of sunken ships… There are stories to be written everywhere I turn.

     Now I need to get serious and send out more of my manuscripts. I need to be focused and diligent in my writing. I tend to write, write, write because story ideas are everywhere and I seem to collect them in my head and on paper, and then discover more stories or poems to write. It’s time, though, I concentrate on editing and polishing what I already have written and get those stories to submission editors.

     And that’s my goal for the next few weeks.



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