If I Only Had a Dream Vault


         I wish I had a Dream Vault where I could store all my dreams. It would be jammed full of pink gorillas, orange tabby cats who rode adult-sized bicycles, and many other oddities. If I only had a Dream Vault, I’d be a famous author of the most bizarre picture books ever written. Or at least comparable.

     Unfortunately, I don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t even keep a Dream Journal, though I’ve tried. I kept a notebook next to my bed for quite some time. I was able to save a few dreams, but not many.

     The best time to write down a dream is right after you have it. You sit up in bed and turn on your light, reach for your journal and pen, and start writing, right? Well… it’s not that easy, at least not for me. I lay comfortably on my side and think about turning on the light. My pillow feels so soft, my sheets and blankets are so warm and snuggly. I close my eyes to rest them only for a moment before switching on the blinding light. Too late. I’m back asleep. And the dream is either lost, or scattered bits and pieces already fading away into Forgetfulville.

     Earlier this morning, I remember dreaming about something and I also recall thinking in my sleep, “This would make a good children’s picture book!” But do you think I can remember it now? I’m left with only shards, unable to piece my best-seller back together.

     So far, I have a crow eating a lettuce sandwich, a hungry me asking the crow for a bite, and the crow saying no, but he gives me lettuce seeds to plant so I can grow my own lettuce. Supposedly, the lettuce will grow right away and be ready to eat in three days. I know there was more to it, but where did it escape to? Whatever it was, I do remember it made the story much more interesting. If only I had a Dream Vault!

     Stuart Little by E.B. White was created from a dream about a tiny boy with a face rather like a mouse. The author, however, only wrote a few episodes about him and that-was-that till two decades later after he’d gathered his stories together and published  Stuart Little , E.B. White’s first children’s book.

     The Twilight Series, written by Stephenie Meyer, was inspired by a dream she had of a sparkly vampire laying in a field next to a human teen-aged girl.

     The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde was inspired by a dream Robert Louis Stevenson had of a doctor with split personalities.

     Will I write a book based on my dreams? Will you?

     If only I had a Dream Vault…


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