Too Many Directions!


   Sometimes I feel like I’m going in too many directions at once!

     I have a problem saying no to people, for one thing. And at the time, I really wanted to say yes because I like to be involved and be helpful. Then, after a while, I begin to feel overwhelmed and I freeze up.

  • I’m no longer creative.

  • I’m no longer inspired.

  • I’m not writing.

  • All I can think about are my commitments and I have to follow through.

     Do you make promises and then later wish you hadn’t?

     I’ve discovered, however, the best way to tackle too many commitments is to write them down by priority. Then check each one off as they are completed.

     Next time someone asks me for help, I’ll try to remember it’s okay to say no. But knowing me, I’ll most likely say… Sure, I’ll be glad to help out!




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  1. Oh girl, I can so relate to this! I use to stay over-whelmed, because I couldn’t say no in my on-line or physical life. I’ve gotten better now. But it took so many years to do so. Sometimes I don’t even answer the phone, because it seems like every time it rings, it someone wanting something. Start saying no to the smaller things–it will get easier with time. It will drive you into depression if you don’t. At least it does me. It’s no fun being stretched so thin, you have no enjoyment in things anymore. If I can help you with anything, let me know–I don’t mind! *hugs* Tracey

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    • Thanks, Tracey… Being overwhelmed certainly clogs creativity. I’m learning to step back, as you have. It’s hard sometimes and I fight the guilt (sometimes caving in), but I do get more writing done because of it. And not only writing, but “me” time so I can focus on what makes me happy. Thanks for the response. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of this, lol! =)


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