Kids Are a Treasure Trove of Ideas!


     Our grand-kids spent the night last night, along with the grand-dog, Maizy.

     The first thing my four year-old granddaughter, Lily, said to us this morning was, “I had a bad dream about witches in my pony movie. They were pretty but they were mean.” Hmmm… (a story idea begins…)

     Later on, she asked if she could have some milk in the snowman cup. It’s a plastic, wide-based cup that won’t tip over easily. I usually give it to her so there are no spilling accidents. She loves that cup and wants to drink from it year-round. (another idea…)

     Seven year-old Eli wants to put a motor on an old boat we have floating around in our pond today. Hmmm… (can you imagine all the story ideas swimming through my head by now?)

     And eight year-old Grace told me she ate 12 sugar cubes at her friends house the other day! (WOW! Chaos in the form of a poem?)

     And the dog? Maizy loves finding small rocks in our pond and hauls them out with her mouth. It’s funny to watch her submerge her head under water and bring up a rock. She thinks it’s her job, I’m sure, and she takes her job seriously. (so much to think about up this point!)

     Kids (and animals!) are a treasure trove of ideas! And the great thing about writing fiction, is you can alter whatever you want to. Next time you’re around children or animals, make some observations. Listen to their conversations. Consider their actions.

     There are no excuses for me to have Writer’s Block.  Maybe the dog will eat 12 sugar cubes, or perhaps the mean, pretty witches will end up in a boat looking for rocks. Who knows?


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